Random events

To use the following cheats, open the chat log by pressing F12 and enter the code. Side events can be triggered manually by entering the above event in “event????” where the question marks are a number. For example, event 10111 is when a scientist is defective with your country. Note: Some activities have a terrible impact on your state, like trikes by workers.

Some examples:

Event 1017: Extremist Fascism (Fascism + 15, Communism-5 / Fascism-5, Communism + 15)

Event 1016: Lawless Communism (Fascism + 15, Communism-5 / Fascism-5, Communism + 15)

Event 1015: rogue politician (deviating up / down + minister dies)

Event 1014: rogue politician (disagree up / down)

Event 1013: Private Initiative (IC up)

Event 1012: Breakthroughs in research. (1 technology discovered)

Event 1011: The leading scientist defect in your country (stolen technology)

Event 1010: Industrial Destruction (IC -1)

Event 1009: Artist of the epic song recording (unpleasant -3)

Event 1008: the strike of a massive worker (IC down)

Event 1007: War Refugees (Labor +30)

Event 1006: Nationalized private sector (IC up)

Event 1005: military march (deliveries -100, dissent -5)

Event 1004: Female workers (staff +100)

Event 1003: youth movement (staff +100)

Event 1002: Women donate material (accessories +200)

Event 1001: war heroes criticize war (dissent +5, 1 loyal leader -4)

Event 1000: Vandalized Research (1 Failed Study)

Completed control

Once you apply these hoi4 general traits cheat, hoi4 traits cheat. It will add many enjoyable hours to the game:

  1. Start a game.
  2. Save your game, and don’t forget its name.
  3. Exit HOI
  4. Find the Hearts of Iron folder via script / save game.
  5. Find the name of the game with the .eug extension, then open it in Wordpad.
  6. If you play:
  • USA – search for ‘tag = USA’
  • Germany – search for ‘tag = GER’
  • France – search for ‘tag = FRA’
  • England – search for ‘tag = ENG’
  1. Or scroll down or search for ‘research_cost_app.’
  2. The next four lines determine how long your hoi4 general traits cheat, hoi4 traits cheat will take. 1,000 is normal – if you lower it to 0.250, it becomes speedy. Do not fall below this value, as an error can occur when recognizing the technology.

Details of the general traits chits you can find at Cheat Codes Land



If you look at this section and make small adjustments, the game’s overall landscape may change. Scroll down to find generals. Reduced rank = number motivates them – the number 0 (0) is Field Marshal / Grand Admiral, etc. By improving their abilities, they become better.

Try not to go too high as I don’t know the game’s logical algorithm’s limits. If you make mistakes, go back to step 1. It has nothing to do with the game, just your saved game.