Strike Force Heroes 3 is a Platform and Combat video game from the hit-maker NotDoppler. Serving as the sequel to its predecessor, Strike Force Heroes 3 continues writing the thrilling adventure of a captain who involves himself in the deathmatch battles against the forces of deadly enemies to win justice.

The great game plot:

After the events happen in Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2, the insane scientist who runs GlobeX still keeps the hope of taking down the Strike Force Heroes team. He continues to upgrade his force of clones and send them to battle against the protagonists.

Throughout the Strike Force Heroes series, the player has been informed with the great storyline, which builds the perfect base for the birth of Strike Force Heroes 3.

The vision of the third instalment in the series of Strike Force Heroes has a great chance of making its impact on the future of Strike Force Heroes 4. As the heroes defeat all the clones from GlobeX, they still aren’t able to find a way leading to their enemy’s base. The game-ending features the appearance of a mysterious character whose face unrevealed. No one knows who this new character is, but we are all amazed at his statement, as he said he could help with finding the GlobeX.

Thrilling gameplay

Have you ever commit yourself to the battles that have your enemies falling down from the sky? Well, that’s kind of battles does not cause surprise in Strike Force Heroes 3. At the beginning of the game, the player will have to enter a mission that requires him to use weapons such as pistols and automatic rifles to survive. The campaign of Strike Force Heroes features 50 new missions, and the numbers of weapons you are going to experience in this video game cannot be counted by hand. Throughout the game, the player will have to combat several times at once in order to dispatch the enemies and avoid traps. One thing that keeps the player from playing is that the game allows the character to respawn after some seconds in order to keep the battles continuing.

The effective mechanics

Compared to the other free-to-play games on the internet, Strike Force Heroes 3 is so much better as its mechanics helps to ramp up the intensity of the game. Strike Force Heroes 3 proves that it is the excellent sequel to Strike Force Heroes 2, as the game serves solid music and sound effects. In addition to that, the game controls are now so much lighter, and then the player can easily manage every movement of the character using only the keyboard.

In conclusion

For fans of Strike Force Heroes series, Strike Force Heroes 3 is a fun and exciting expansion that should not be ignored. If you are a fan of action game, then maybe a few retro elements from Strike Force Heroes 3 will add a new wind to your energetic game field. If you want a fun and running game, then try Tunnel Rush. Have fun!