Given that there is one thing gives description to a classic Korean RPG it is crunching; limitless hours of cruel crunching to progress. Nexon – the creator of Maple Story – kept this standard as close to heart as one of the largest f2p developers. At the same time, they have been an early leader in the online gaming world, and MMORPGs. The standards from that time stay right in their f2p action RPG for smart mobile devices, Heroes of Incredible Tales. Do you want to know more? Read the Heroes of Incredible Tales review below.

heroes of incredible tales review

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Select your way

The first thing in Heroes of Incredible Tales review is selecting your way. You will be given a tutorial character who has a lot of glittering skills and cook armor as the game trains you the basics right after you enter the game. Each level in this game involves running through an environment and demolishing anything in your way. A virtual joystick is available, you are able to work with it to do the actions and gestures. In the lower right of the screen, you will see a series of on-screen buttons which allow you to attack, dodge, use abilities and block.

heroes of incredible tales review 2

As soon as you complete the tutorial, the game will ask you to create a character that begins with only the first simple things. The classed given in Heros of Incredible Tales look quite similar to each other.

Taking actions and moving

The next thing we should have a look at in Heroes of Incredible Tales review is the usage of Unreal Engine 4. That is pretty notable for a mobile game; In addition, it means that you will need a good tablet or mobile devices to reach the most out of the game. One of this game most powerful selling points is obviously the stunning visuals. Fluent animation makes the game not only fast and smooth but also nice to view, too.

heroes of incredible tales review 3

The game uses a control scheme of double touch. Look at the left of your screen to find the control board for movement, the right side is for skills, attacks, defense. So far, Nexon has not mentioned the gamepad support for the title. Actually, this works mostly like a mouse and a keyboard. In case that you have got small hands on a big mobile device, you may find it a bit uncomfortable to spend hours playing the game.

The preface to the game is capable to the story-driven narrative. Take part in the game, you will be on the role of a brave knight from the past while an angel trains you the basics of the game like moving and skill usage. This angel also teaches you how to perform follow-up attacks and dodging. After training, you will have a strong foundation to experience the game.

Upgrading your equipment and level

Now it is time for Heroes of Incredible Tales review to tell you that, actually, Nexon’s developers put a great effort into scattering a story to the game. However, most of this exertion is poorly explained and silly writing. As a result, the main driving force is doing the loot.

After finishing any level, the system offers you a star rating and this relying solely on how fast you get the level done. These stars decide how many items you will gain at the end of the combat, so you should rush through levels as fast as you can.

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Since this is a Heroes of Incredible Tales review, let’s talk about the weak points off this game. The developers even bring you an “auto-play” button which controls your character run and hit enemies automatedly. At the same time, what you have to do is simply sit back and rarely activate special abilities or block attacks. When you go further in the game, you will be able to unlock many challenge levels for even more crunching. Those levels even give a kind of playlist highlight which loads up the next level right after you have finished the previous one.

Sure, you will have a pretty view on the game, particularly given that you set up your character with some new pieces of weapons or armors. However, there is not pretty much that change the gameplay. The new equipment has better numbers and helps you to smash up your enemies faster by causing greater damages.

Outstanding Graphics

HIT has demonstrated to the players a superior graphics power over the rest of the mobile gaming world. There, from the light effects to the details of plants, water, contexts are sharp and realistic. In addition, the characters in the game are designed in a unique way through the movement and fighting is very smooth.

Thanks to the power of the graphics, players’ action scenes will be more realistic than ever, where you can immerse yourself in dramatic situations.

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