After all horror video games that made us terrified which are on enclosing ghosts, evil spirits, dirty inmates and even Xenomorphs, there are seldom first-person survival horror video games that concentrate on the aliens – the strange and mysterious creatures from outer space. You must have already known the kind – the ones that plot theorist love to gossip about and which are imagined as huge-headed and very big bugged eyes without the white. The outer space creatures of Thotwise’s The Hum: Abductions are not very as cliched but the universe does include the basis theme that we are not solo and of course not really safe. In this review, we will provide you with interesting information such as the developer of the game, the idea of the alien story, and The Hum Abductions release date…

The Hum Abductions release 1

The Hum: Abductions is a first-person indie space fiction video games on horror topic and is now in early stages of growth. The Hum: Abductions is being written by Thotwise Studios which is led by Ariel Aris. He has always been mainly responsible for all the development of The Hum. Being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, the game gradually achieves popularity in the gaming community because it is rather special game in terms being vastly story oriented as well as for being featured on the Stream Greenlight list of games that strongly draws the attraction of the community. The Hum Abductions release date still remains a question. As a result, people who are expecting this game may wonder about the rate of progress of the game.

It’s been a while and until now the Studios keep quiet about The Hum Abductions release date. For those asking for being carrying up to speed, the game is the invention of only one Ariel and will be exploration-heavy game set up around alien abduction stories. Ariel has this idea because the stories about aliens are really popular in his hometown. The video game has been in development for three years so far, the progress is not very fast – it’s a personal project.

The Hum Abductions release 2

The official site of the game has been silent since August 2017. And this month Ariel posted an update to explain the situation to the gaming community. Thank god, the project is still alive. According to what Ariel said, it is likely to be staggering and the art parts are still not available. The developer of the game also suffered from some health problems and moved to New Zealand for his career. As a consequence, the game is in a fading condition. However, he has in mind to complete it. And of course, he is just unable to mention The Hum Abductions release date.

Ariel’s goal with the game is to create the beginning of a “universe”, with a game series related to one another, telling various stories. The planned mood of this game is a mixture of the film series The X-Files, The Roswell Case and other subjects about aliens and mysterious creatures. To get more information about the project, you can reach the official site or download proof of concepts. The game is also based on Fire In The sky – one of the scariest films about aliens, so you can expect this project to fly off and reproduce that experience.

The Hum Abductions release 3

To relieve the expectation of gaming community about The Hum Abductions release date, Ariel spilled the beans about the story of the game: It is about Holly Sanders – a single mom who is traveling through a harsh patch after her husband disappeared in a mystical manner. The game trailer displays Mrs. Holy looking over her son Dan while he is sleeping. Everything begins to get creepy as soon as her child is abducted by weird creatures who dissolve with Dan.

Beside being released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Windows, this game will be potential towards a successful VR title. The developers also have confirmed that it will be released soon for VR platforms like PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

 The Hum Abductions release 4

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